Let’s Go Fishin’ – 8

Spring has sprung along the Umpqua River and on the Oregon Coast. The Crocuses have come and gone and the Daffodils are in full bloom. All of this signals that it’s time to go fishing for Spring Chinook Salmon! These tasty beauties can average 25 to 50 pounds in the Umpqua River and that’s a lot of good eatin’!

The best months for fishing are April, May and June. The best times-of-day are one hour before sunrise until 2:00 P.M., except in tidewaters.

From February 1 to June 30, you can harvest 2 salmon “springers” per day and up to 5 total “springers” for this season. July 1 to December 30, 2 salmon are permitted with up to 20 total fish in combination with other species of fish that can be caught.

Hatchery salmon can be recorded on a separate hatchery harvest tag that is available. There is no limit to the number of hatchery harvest tags that can be purchased but daily limits still apply.

From Umpqua River Haven it’s a short 4-mile drive to the Scottsburg Park where you will find a large parking area that accommodates boat trailers. There is a very nice boat launch area. Picnic tables and a restroom are also available. When the fishin’ is all done, you won’t have far to go to get home if you are staying with us! Bring your smoker or just enjoy grilling that fresh caught Spring Chinook Salmon! Could you find a prettier place to go fishing than the Umpqua River in Oregon???!!!


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