Prescott, Arizona

Prescott, Arizona is rich in history. Prescott served as Arizona’s territorial capital off and on during the mid-1800s and was home to Wyatt Earp’s brother, Virgil, in 1879. It was rumored that Doc Holliday spent some time here, too.

Arizona has been wealthy in its mining history. Copper, Hematite, semi-precious stones and even gold mines have been in abundance over time. Mining is down to a precious few today but is still very active. Mining around Prescott was prevalent in the early 1900s including a serious gold mine. The city of Prescott is riddled underground with old mining tunnels.

Prescott is famous for its “Whiskey Row” which was a procession of saloons along Montezuma Street. A series of fires in the early 1900s prompted the historic downtown area to be rebuilt in brick. “Whiskey Row” is on one side of one of four streets surrounding the courthouse square, the center of which is the historic Yavapai County Courthouse. The, also historic, St. Michael’s Hotel and a saloon or two, shops and art galleries survive to entice tourists.

This photo is of the Yavapai County Courthouse with the landmark “Thumb Butte” in the background. “Whiskey Row” is on the back side of the courthouse in this photo.


Climbing up the mountain from Phoenix to Prescott, I was grateful I hadn’t arrived ten minutes earlier. There was a crash involving at least two pickups and a larger truck of some kind. It was hard to tell which of several was the exact larger truck parked along the side of the road but the two pickups were both very smushed in on the back ends. Fortunately, it appeared that no one was injured or at least not seriously. The Highway Patrol came along as the stop and go, bumper-to-bumper traffic was crawling slowly forward. The HP drove on the right shoulder to reach the scene. That was the first of two wrecks I was late for that day.

Up on top of the mountain, there is a rest area that is also a major tourist attraction. It is named “Sunset Rest Area” because of the beautiful sunsets that occur across this valley and behind the mountain. Here is the daytime shot I took that day. You can tell the sunsets would be spectacular here!

After stopping for some groceries in Prescott Valley, I drove out to my friend’s place in Williamson Valley passing the second wreck of the day. Again it appeared there were no serious injuries and, again, I was grateful to be ‘late.’

My friends said they would leave the front door of the cottage unlocked for me and I would see why when I got there. This is what I found.

This is their new project and a real beauty already. The engine will be completed to go back in soon. Maybe next time I’ll get a ride!

My BFFs and I always meet together for some hiking, lunch and yak. This trip was no exception. We met at Lynx Lake and hiked the road lined with Ponderosa Pines for a bit. The trails were wet and muddy.

LynxLakeRoad - Copy

There is a nice park-like area here with picnic tables, grills and a boat ramp. This was our lunch view from one of the tables.


We spent a lot of time sitting and watching the lake and then walking the shoreline watching the lake, the boats, the ducks and a goose. It’s a beautiful, peaceful and relaxing place. Every time you look at the lake it’s different and ever changing.

We eventually had to push ourselves to move along to the next.

Prescott is blessed with many cultural groups and activities. Art and art galleries, theater, music and dance are in abundant supply.  There are two or three orchestras, a chamber orchestra, chamber ensembles and lots of fiddling. I visited the last rehearsal of the Prescott Pops Orchestra where a friend was playing viola. They were preparing to perform “Peter And The Wolf” and other pieces for area school children. This is one of my favorite works and there is nothing like sitting with the orchestra when you are listening to the Grandfather (bassoon), Peter (violins), the duck (oboe), the bird (flute), the wolf (French horns) and more. It’s surround sound only better. They have an excellent conductor.

The Prescott International Dancers are also a presence here. Most of them are old friends some with whom I went hiking at Lynx Lake.

Prescott is a great place to visit year around. It is famous at Christmas time but I will let you discover why for yourself. This has only been a sampling of what you will find in Prescott, AZ. There is much more to see, do and discover. There is something for everyone. If you get the chance to visit Prescott, don’t pass it up.

4 thoughts on “Prescott, Arizona

  1. Really enjoyed your visit and commentary abut Prescott.
    I forwarded it to several friends and family, and i received
    a number of favorable replies. You did a nice job of
    reporting about Prescott. Thanks, Ellen.
    Love, Marg


    • Thanks, Marg! It was great being there and seeing you. Loved being so close
      to the orchestra. Thanks for passing the post along. Maybe some of them will follow
      the blog 🙂 It’s easy to write about Prescott.


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