Picture of the Day

One of our family members lives in the middle of a Nebraska cornfield. Flat cornfields surround the house, garage and large barn. There’s a small veggie patch next to the garage.

The views aren’t beautiful but in the summer evenings the multitudes of fireflies put on a flashing light show that fills the in-your-face night sky with sparkling diamonds. After any rain that is followed by sunshine, the full, complete rainbows make you want to run to find the pot-of-gold.

The spring, summer and fall skies become glorious at both dawn and dusk with some of the most spectacular displays you’ll find anywhere on earth. This past fall was no exception and the picture of the day below tells the story:   Sunrise Over The Nebraska Cornfield.

NebraskaDawnPhoto credit goes to me and it is copyrighted! You may share if it’s a non-profit!

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