New Years On The Oregon Coast

New Years Eve Day, New Years Eve and New Years Day are times I prefer to stay home as opposed to going out to celebrate. For me it seems a dark and dangerous couple of days with so many out partying. But, I also like to welcome in the New Year. So I dance. With others a day or two after New Years Day.

Here on the Oregon Coast many of us celebrate the New Year in dance. International Dance to be specific. If you’ve been following this blog you have read a post or two about International Dance in Florence. Sunday afternoon, January 3, 2016, several coast communities came together in Florence to ring in the New Year with dances from Israel, Hungary, Bulgaria, Serbia, Greece and more. The absolute joy of dancing in the New Year follows here in pictures.

We started with some social time at the Best Tai Restaurant ( where the food is great before heading to the local Elks Lodge for dancing. The first dance was an easy but peppy Serbian dance, Se Villa Sa Bella Losa.

The quality of the photos isn’t great and I apologize for that. The lighting is not conducive to great pictures but you will get the idea of the fun we had from the smiles on our faces.

Into the middle….

FunFD-3And back out…..

Our dance instructor friend from Coos Bay, Stacy Rose, leads one……


You can identify the Florence dancers by their red vests, white shirts and black skirts. These are European Balkan village colors that the Oregon Coast International Dancers, based in Florence, wear when dancing ‘out’ or performing.


 Carnavalito is a dance from Bolivia. Heads down!

 Zemer Atik is an Israeli dance depicting a camel caravan crossing the desert.  Dancers in motion!FunFD-12-ZemerAtik-2

This same dance also asks for blessings from Heaven with fingers snapping…..

Florence, Oregon is home to many different kinds of dance including International, Middle Eastern, ballet, ballroom, swing, Flamenco and Country Western Line Dancing. Our International Dance events include our local CW line dancers who add their great energy, music and fun dances to our dance celebrations. Pat Wheeler and her dancers are very gracious in bringing their expertise to our events. That’s Pat in the front.

Orient, a dance from Serbia, becomes very energetic with our Coos Bay dancers in the lead. That’s Paul in the lead. In this group are also dancers from Port Orford and Roseburg.
It was awesome to have dancers from Port Orford, Roseburg, Reedsport and Coos Bay join in our New Years dance celebration. Plus there were experienced dancers and ‘newbies’ alike into the mix with something for everyone!

In Florence we close every International Dance session with an Israeli dance, Mechol Hashaket. It is a ‘slow’, cool-down dance that is easy and includes some singing if one is so inclined. One of the Florence dancers titles it our “lullaby” dance. I didn’t get a photo of this dance because I was dancing! The consensus was that we want to do this again soon.

When in Florence, Oregon, you can partake of this dance and many others on Wednesday evenings from 6:30 pm to 8:00 pm at the Lane Community College dance studio. It is an easy 36 mile drive from

2 thoughts on “New Years On The Oregon Coast

  1. Happy New Year Ellen! Wow! You know how to start things off right. I don’t blame you for not wanting to drive on NYE and NYD. We were lucky we just had to walk next door to celebrate. No icy roads or scary drivers. Just laughing till my sides hurt 🙂

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