Thanksgiving On The Oregon Coast

For us at Umpqua River Haven, Thanksgiving is a traditional family time. We often have some or several family members visiting and we do some traditional things. This year, 2015, there were just 2 of us as the family is coming for Christmas this year. But we followed the traditions for this day and headed from URH the short distance to the coast.

Our first destination was the small burg of Lakeside, Oregon just a few miles south of Reedsport. While considered a coast town, Lakeside is located on Ten Mile Lake—one of Oregon’s many small inland, but still coastal, lakes. Lakeside Lodge serves a very traditional, plus extra goodies, Thanksgiving turkey dinner with all the trimmings. A reservation is required but we always plan ahead for it.

We arrived a bit early and they weren’t quite ready but almost. However, we ran into some Lakeside residents that are close friends and were able to visit while we waited. Soon enough we were able to get to the buffet tables and pile on the traditional cuisine and more. This was our view as we partook of our holiday fare.


It’s always enjoyable to walk out on the dock afterward and be close to the water as we watched a flock of small ducks that were creating sunshine sparkles in the water as they swam.

Soon we headed back north taking a detour to one of our favorite spots to watch the rolls on the ocean in front of us out over the Dunes.


Behind us from this view stands the family’s favorite lighthouse. The Umpqua River Lighthouse is the one that sends red butterflies out into the night at dark.


We then headed down the hill into Winchester Bay and caught this shot of the end of the crabbing dock which extends off into some old pilings.


As you can probably tell it was an absolutely beautiful day on the Oregon Coast. One of those days that is a gift, especially this time of year. But all of our family Thanksgivings have been so and we are grateful for them.

The sun was especially brilliant and it’s not a sight we are used to seeing so much of this time of year. Again we were grateful for the sunshine today. Before you see the photo of today’s sunshine we at Umpqua River Haven wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving and hope yours was as pleasant as ours was.


4 thoughts on “Thanksgiving On The Oregon Coast

  1. Hi Ellen…Sounds like a great way to spend Thanksgiving. We went to Bill & Jeanne’s. There were 10 of us including Vanita (Marker) Gwinn, Jack & Elaine, Ruthie, Mark & Scott. It was the first visit with Jack & Elaine since we returned…Jack is getting quite forgetful and is using a cane. Everyone else is about the same jusat getting a bit slower.

    Looks like we will be going to San Mateo for Christmas. Eagan & Kim invited us since they have moved into a 2 bedroom house which they are renting . Connor is growing so fast…already in 9 month clothes and he’s only 4 months old!!

    Looks like you are going to have a houseful for the holidays which I’m sure you are looking forward to.

    I’m enjoying all of the Adventures ….a travel log of Oregon and Ohio! Thanks and take care….Judy & Bayard


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    • Glad you are enjoying the blog posts and thanks for being here, Judy. Your holiday sounds like it was very nice and the upcoming one in San Mateo—well, you can’t beat being with those grandbabies! Enjoy! Wish everyone Merry Christmas for me!


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