Across Idaho

Today’s travels expanded across the State of Idaho. The first landmark I came to was Massacre Rocks. It is now a state park but when the pioneers were traversing the Oregon and California Trail, this was a place that made them nervous. They felt vulnerable to attack from Native Americans at this camping site along the trail. There never were any attacks at this exact spot but there were a very few not far from here. These sheer cliffs stand above the Snake River.


The scenery behind the photographer of the rocks is as spectacular as any of Wyoming’s.


Off the other direction is evidence of this modern era. Idaho has fields harnessing the wind the same as Wyoming does. Driving today and yesterday was a bit more physical than it sometimes is due to the winds. It takes a firm grip to maintain a vehicle on a windy highway.


Leaving the park, the Interstate Highway follows the path of the Snake River for a short distance.


Idaho is very much like Wyoming in appearance traveling I 80.  Not the dramatic rock formations but the prairie and sage with the mountains on the horizon. 


Fall is in the air in Idaho, too. The geese were flocking and flying above the landscape. The hay has been harvested and bails left in the again green-growing fields until they are picked up for winter feed.


A friend once told me a story about asking some farmers” who eats all this corn?” I laughed knowing full well ‘who’ eats field corn. When the corn turns all tawny in color it is a sure sign that fall has arrived and the cattle feed corn is ready to harvest.


Leaving Idaho, I traveled 100 miles into Oregon through beautiful desert mountains along a river’s path. The road wound and wound and wound and curved and curved and curved. It’s a little slower going but there was little to no traffic to contend with. Coming out of this area there are, again, shades of Wyoming countryside in Oregon. It was a pleasant day’s drive.


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