More Boats – On Lake Erie

In line with our previous blog about boats along the Oregon Coast we have encountered additional and different boats along the shores of Lake Erie in Northern Ohio. While touring the Vermilion River on the Mystic Belle we discovered a variety of boats often with unusual, interesting or even humorous names.



The Mystic Belle is well worth the small fee. There is a lot of history on this river and our tour guide, Capt. Don Parson, knows every bit of it and narrates as it goes with enthusiasm and great knowledge.


The Vermilion River is unique with its Cape Cod Lagoon housing where the boats are out your front door, additional housing up and down the river, a history of industry and restaurant seating out over the river. Watching the boats can be a full time occupation.


Sailboats race out on the lake past the mouth of the river.


On the lake you can find very small boats but only on a calm day. This one is coming in for a better view of the Vermilion Lighthouse replica.


On the Black River in Lorain, Ohio at the Black River Landing the ferry will take you out to tour the “Jewel of the Port,” the Lorain Lighthouse. Tour guides and ferry drivers are all volunteers from the local community.


The Huron River in Huron, Ohio has a variety of marinas and a yacht club along with a very nice boat basin. 

The Huron River and the City of Huron have also been host since February, 2015 to two Great Lakes supply freighters that pulled in for extended maintenance. They are moored directly across the river from the Huron Boat Basin.

While hiking along the Huron River to the pier one evening it was exciting to come across this beauty – the 129 foot yacht Unity. Built at a cost of $19 million dollars, this luxury boat belongs to the great-great-granddaughter of Henry Ford (that would be Ford Motor Company!), Elena Ford. She pulls into Huron occasionally to gas up. With a fuel capacity of 10,000 gallons it gives new meaning to the term “fill ‘er up!” I could live on this one.


Out on Lake Erie now at the destination Cedar Point Amusement Park you can find small pleasure craft fishing, anchored or just enjoying a boat ride. 


It would be hard to miss the boats up around the Lake Erie Islands near Kelley’s Island.


There’s a great restaurant on South Bass Island in Put-In-Bay, The Boardwalk, which is up a flight of stairs and right out over the water. The views of the boats, Perry’s Monument and Lake Erie are breath-taking.


Being from Umpqua River Haven in Oregon where the salmon and tuna are great, we especially like the fresh-caught Lake Erie perch sandwich here.

This last photo epitomizes Lake Erie boats for us conjuring up dreams of just sailing away…..


2 thoughts on “More Boats – On Lake Erie

  1. Love the photos, are they yours? It’s so good Lake Erie has cleaned up. Do you ever seen any of those wonderful old wood cris crafts?


  2. Yes, the photos are mine. And it’s heartwarming how the lake has been cleaned up! You can actually swim in it when the bloom isn’t to high. Wood boats are almost a thing of the past but occasionally you will see one.


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