Duck, Duck—–TAPE!

Remember applying contact paper to your cupboard shelves? There were various but rather boring pattern choices. Meant to keep shelves clean and provide a smooth surface, in time contact paper developed cuts, nicks, stains, and markings and had to be replaced.

That may be a thing of the past with ShurTech’s Duck Tape products. Recently we went on a tour of the world headquarters for Duck Tape in Avon, Ohio.DuckTapeSignHandy to Highway 90, Just Imagine Way takes you into the spacious parking lot near the front door. We received very friendly greetings as we entered the facility. Situated on 211 acres, which we were told is one acre more than where the competition’s factory is perched, the facility itself encompasses many thousands of square feet.

Along with the six of us and a family of four, this tour included about ten young children from a nearby daycare center. We all marveled at these kids as they were some of the best behaved children we had ever encountered. Amanda Pasenow, who is also an in-house artist, handles all of the tours. She normally plays with Duck Tape all day long. Her enthusiasm for these products and sharing her knowledge knows no bounds. Her manner with these children could not have been better and she had their undivided attention from the git-go.

The tour starts with three videos and questions and answers. We were amazed at the very pertinent questions the children asked. And then it was onward and upstairs to the office area where there are also a variety of displays,

               Display in Office Area                                                 Trust E DuckDT-DisplayCollage                   Duck Tape Sheets                                        New Duck Tape Prints

ShurTech is very much into kids and assisting with school needs. Plus they have a campaign dealing with the issue of school bullying. These displays spoke for themselves.


Duck Tape sponsors an annual “Wear It To Prom” promotion. High School students from all over the country are encouraged to create their own prom clothing from Duck Tape. Then wear it to prom and submit photos to the contest. ShurTech gives away $50,000.00 in scholarships for this event. And the creations are amazing. The winners creations are on display in the facility.


This display was especially fascinating with creations by students and also real design artists. The blue dress by a designer was especially beautiful. Designers use an under fabric and sew while students usually wrap, cut and stick. But they all turn out lovely.

 When we worked in daycare we played “Duck, Duck, Goose” with the little ones but we’ve now revised that to “Duck, Duck, TAPE” as there are so many things that can be created out of this fun product. And there are displays showing the variety of fun inventions.

This was about our favorite creation. It was hard to believe that it was wholly made from Duck Tape.

Here and there we found flowers. One of our family members creates beautiful rose pens so we were very interested in the flowers.

Duck Tape creates with Disney characters and one display that interested the kids was this one for “Frozen.”


We toured the plant area where the big rolls are cut into many smaller ones, boxed in displays, wrapped and shipped out. Although the tapes are actually made in another plant in another state, we did learn how one product is made. There are no photos because they weren’t allowed. Always cautious of the competition, ShurTech graciously hosts tours but asks that their secrets not be shared.

We completed our tour in the video room where everyone was given the opportunity to make something fun with Duck Tape. We also spied this around the corner.

My talent with Duck Tape is non-existent but, remember the family member who creates rose pens? She says they are never the same but we think they are perfect.


Everyone went home with a sack of goodies including a 2” roll of Duck Tape in the color of your choice and one smaller roll. Plus key chains, pens and pins all with Trust E. Duck on them. Thanks Amanda and ShurTech! All in all it was a ducky day.

8 thoughts on “Duck, Duck—–TAPE!

  1. I have some, a couple sheets of it only, tons of patterns for them now days, big business, bet trip there was a blast indeed.. be fun to visit it.. eye opening..


  2. Do they give tours every day or did you need to call ahead? We often pass by on trips to visit family and I’ve thought that would be a fun break from driving.


    • Hi Kelsey: You do need to call to make an appointment to tour
      the factory. They schedule when there are enough people interested.
      But it’s well worth planning ahead when you know you will be passing
      by some time. We loved it. Here’s their phone number: 1-800-321-0253


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