Boats! Boats! Boats Everywhere On The Oregon Coast!!!

Boats are everywhere along the Umpqua River and Oregon Coast. At Umpqua River Haven some of our residents have their own boats used mostly for fishing. There are also boats everywhere along the shores of Lake Erie when I travel to Northern Ohio. Big boats, little boats, sailing boats, fishing boats, working freighter boats and even wrecked boats. Remember the Bella?

Boats dock in a variety of places but usually clustered together in a harbor or port. Winchester Bay, Oregon has as variety of docking places for pleasure and recreational fishing craft.


And sailboats.


We particularly like these boat docks, er, ducks?

Some individual boats are interesting like this houseboat.
We like this one and keep hoping we’ll receive it at a gift!

Then there are the commercial fishing boats. A fleet of them hangs at Windy Bay when they’re not out catching our favorite fish—tuna!


Some fishing boats are quite beautiful!



And don’t forget the Coast Guard boats.


Just who takes care of all these boats, especially the big ones? In our neck of the woods it’s Fred Wahl Marine in Reedsport, Oregon. Our neighbor at Umpqua River Haven, Fred Wahl, has been at it a long time.


Here you will find the facilities to dry-dock any boat for maintenance and repair. Our friend, Mark, use to work here and the knowledge he learned repairing and painting boats was very helpful to us at Umpqua River Haven for some of our repairs and painting.



When Fred is done with the boats they become a thing of beauty!


And don’t forget the tall ships from an earlier blog. One of our favorite tall ships is at Shore Acres during the winter holiday season. Watch for more about Shore Acres later in the year. And watch for more about boats from the shores of Lake Erie coming soon.


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