Happy 4th of July On The Oregon Coast!

Wherever you find yourself the 4th of July on the Oregon Coast you will find fireworks! Great, spectacular displays of bursting, colorful light. From Astoria north to Brookings south there are many firework celebrations on the coast. Out over the ocean or on the rivers you will see a diverse variety of pyrotechnic entertainment. FloFireworks

And more. We like Winchester Bay for a 4th of July celebration. You can spend the day here swimming in the ocean, fishing in the bay, riding on the Dunes, visiting the gift shops and eating in one of several great restaurants. For desert there is an Umpqua Ice Cream shop. Take in all the boats including the fishing fleet.


Dining at Bedrocks Pizza you might see one of these:


There is really endless fun and relaxation in Windy Bay. Whatever interests you can be found here. And then when the sun has gone down the fireworks go off!


And they continue for a long period of time with each more spectacular than the previous ones.


It is Independence Day celebration at its finest!


Some years there is a bonfire in the Bay and you can stand nearby to warm up.


It does become chilly at night in Winchester Bay so bring a jacket to enjoy the show. Stay with us at Umpqua River Haven and you will have just a short drive home to our very quiet park after all the excitement of the bay for a really good night’s sleep. If you are out our way, don’t miss our country’s celebration of freedom and don’t forget to thank a soldier/vet.


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