Cape Foulweather

One of Oregon’s unique places sits out on a precipice between Depot Bay and Newport. Discovered in 1778, it was given this name when Capt. James Cook first arrived here on his third voyage around the world. His travels nearly ended here due to the unexpected storm as he arrived. In his own words:

“The land appeared to be of moderate height, diversified with hill and Valley and almost everywhere covered with wood. There was nothing remarkable about it except one hill….At the northern extreme the land formed a point which I called Cape Foulweather from the very bad weather we soon after met with.”


 The building is the Lookout where the views are almost mind-boggling.

Looking EastCF-ViewEastAtOutlook

Looking NorthwestCF-ViewThruWindowWest

Looking West


The sites you can see from the windows inside the Lookout are vast and diverse including breaking surf on the shore, all varieties of sea birds flying and nesting, diving sea lions, salmon fishing fleets, barking seals, ocean liners on the far horizon with smoky trails, traveling whale pods, stunning sunsets that take your breath away, and the storms. As Capt. Cook described the storms are frightening to be in but magnificent to watch and followed by a peaceful calm that surrounds the soul with feelings of warmth and joy.


The Outlook was a gift shop with many unique items to choose from. Beautiful jewelry, glass fishing net floats, T-shirts, books, toys and so much more. It was always a treat to visit inside for the view but also to peruse the gift shop for new items.

In 2013 the Outlook was purchased by the State of Oregon and converted into an interpretive center, whale watching and observation room, plus a smaller gift shop with a smaller more focused inventory. the T-shirts are great! It’s an even greater treat to visit and be able to enjoy the views even more.

Cape Foulweather is a must stop for us when traveling that direction from Umpqua River Haven. We never tire of the beauty of the Oregon Coast and especially here at the cape.

Take a leisurely walk around this scenic area and you will find friendly squirrels waiting to be fed, chipmunks and sea birds close enough to touch if only they would let you. You can also see the west beach area where many brave souls come to surf the ocean waves.

Be sure to put Cape Foulweather on the schedule for your next trip to the Oregon Coast and stay with us at Umpqua River Haven! We leave you at the west overlook to enjoy the awesome view on a day when the weather wasn’t foul.


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  1. My goodnesss, I never realized that there were so many intreresting and fascinating things to see along the Oregon Coast, and you are doing a good job of publicizing them. Wish I were making a trip to see them all.

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